Expertise Beyond the Numbers

Maximize Your Return on Capital Expenditures

SC&H Group’s Contract Compliance Audit Services (CCAS) practice composed the following blog post to provide insights on how to effectively monitor a Capital Expense (CapEx) project from a contract compliance perspective.

CapEx projects can be one of the most significant corporate growth strategies employed by a business. The projects reflect the strategic goals of a company, often require upgrading or constructing new facilities, substantial costs, and involve stakeholders across the organization in addition to many contractors and suppliers. All parties are usually focused on completing the project on time and on budget.

Vigilance is vital in order to monitor costs and maximize value.

SC&H Group works with stakeholders throughout the CapEx lifecycle, adding value by identifying opportunities to mitigate excess spending. By working with our Contract Compliance Audit Services (CCAS) team, we can help you answer the question, “how can we minimize risk and maximize the return on our capital expenditures?”

In addition to the financial benefits of a contract compliance audit, the reviews can strengthen the relationship with your suppliers and contractors. SC&H Group’s construction audit team can identify, recover, and prevent financial losses and limit risk due to non-compliance during the construction phase of the project.

For more insights into how contract compliance audits help maximize value throughout the CapEx lifecycle, please click here. If you have additional questions, or would like to discuss your CapEx project, please contact SC&H Group’s CCAS team here.