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Maryland and Virginia Halt Sales Taxes for Back-to-School Shopping

Benjamin Franklin once said that “nothing can be certain in this world except for death and taxes.” However, clearly during Franklin’s time, there were no laws on the books that halted sales taxes for back-to-school shopping.

My how the times have changed …

Both Maryland and Virginia are allowing tax-free shopping for certain back-to-school items. In Virginia, the sales tax holiday begins today and continues for three days for shoes and clothing items that cost less than $100 each. In addition, many school and office supplies such as notebooks and pens costing less than $20 will be exempt from the 5.3 percent state and local sales tax, or 6 percent for much of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, according to the Washington Post.

In Maryland, citizens will be able to tax-free shop for some clothing from Sunday August 10th through August 16th.  Sales tax in the state will not be charged on articles of clothing and shoes whose price is $100 or less.

Time to get shopping and enjoy these tax breaks that did not exist when Benjamin Franklin was around.