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Manufacturing is the Pathway to Prosperity in Maryland [Video]

The following SC&H Group blog post discusses how the manufacturing sector needs to overcome key challenges to become the pathway to prosperity for many Marylanders.

The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting that you have one. Clearly, this is what Maryland Governor Larry Hogan intended in his recent “State of the State” address (full video above), where he declared that the state was “dead last” in manufacturing.

Governor Hogan made his point very clear, which is that more needs to be done to help create manufacturing jobs and opportunities in the state.

Mike Galiazzo, President of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) echoed this same sentiment in a recent e-newsletter, where he stated that we should be “honest” about the state of the industry. He even said, “We need to admit that we have a problem to find the right cure.”

Galiazzo believes that manufacturing is the pathway from poverty to prosperity for many Marylanders, and now is the time to “think big and act bold with imagination and create a national showcase of next generation advanced manufacturing” in the state.

To help spark manufacturing in the state, Governor Hogan said it is time to revamp the job training programs spread throughout different departments in Maryland’s government. He would also like to follow job-training models where manufacturers partner with colleges in job-placement efforts.

In addition, Governor Hogan’s budget includes an increase in the R&D tax credit cap, which would make more funds available to manufacturers improving their products or processes.

Although more needs to be done to help enhance Maryland’s standing when it comes to manufacturing, Governor Hogan is on the right path.

It will be in the state’s best interest if Governor Hogan and Galiazzo’s honest insights inspire a pivotal moment for everyone to collectively work together and make Maryland the leader that it should be in this sector.

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