Expertise Beyond the Numbers

It Takes Powerful Minds and Passionate Teams to Power the Fast 50 Proven Results

When the Baltimore Business Journal approached SC&H Group to partner on the Fast 50 list, we were honored to have the opportunity to celebrate our region’s fastest-growing companies. In market we assist enterprises of all sizes, industries, and lifecycle stages, and are routinely inspired by the people with whom we forge relationships; by their determination to provide the highest quality products and services, commitment to create nurturing cultures, and generosity to the public at large. In other words, we have the good fortune to collaborate daily with people who want to make an impact.

We pride ourselves on three pillars – Powerful Minds, Passionate Teams, and Proven Results. These pillars have served as reminders of our dedication to our clients, colleagues, and community and through getting to know the listmakers many of them have their own pillars that have allowed them to sustain significant growth and enhance the Baltimore region. Their devotion to employees, hard work, clients, innovation, and ultimately success is why we were so gratified to be a part of this program.

SC&H Group would like to commend the listmakers on their will to become trailblazers, passion to break barriers to achieve substantial growth, and wish them all continued success!