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An Introduction to SC&H Group’s IT Advisory Services Practice [Podcast]

In the following podcast interview, Jeff Bathurst, Chief Information Officer of SC&H Group, discusses the firm’s new IT Advisory Services practice, and how companies can best leverage technology solutions to achieve optimal success.

Today, technology is as ubiquitous as electricity. No matter the size or structure of an organization, technology impacts every business function.

Even though technology permeates all aspects of an organization, not all companies have the resources to fully capitalize on innovations to help fuel growth. With new products and services entering the market at such a rapid pace, it is often difficult to understand which solution to implement, why it’s important, and how it will add to overall profitability. Additionally, not all companies have the capacity to analyze the current technology landscape, and transform these trends into strategic opportunities that will positively impact the organization.

Often, a trusted advisor is needed to help educate and provide strategic guidance – especially in the areas of mobility, cybersecurity, social media, cloud computing, and analytics.

SC&H Group recently launched a new IT Advisory Services practice to help companies understand and take advantage of the current technology landscape. The mission of the new IT Advisory Services practice is to transform how organizations meet today’s changing, challenging business climate through the use of technology solutions.

The practice serves as an extension of a client’s team to help organizations become fully self-sufficient in the effective adoption, implementation, and utilization of technological solutions. The team also provides strategic IT services to companies that may not have a CIO, or that require a trusted resource to successfully address a specific need, challenge, or question.

The overall goal of the new IT Advisory Services practice is to help organizations redefine IT strategies and enhance profits by leveraging secure, flexible, and integrated technologies.

If you would like to learn more about how the new SC&H Group IT Advisory Services practice can help add to your organizational success, please contact Jeff here.