2018 Tax Roadmap: Revisiting Your Route to Minimize Liabilities

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law in late 2017, but, your journey in navigating this sweeping overhaul is just beginning. Numerous questions remain for individuals and corporate taxpayers related to planning strategies and tactics in this era of new reform. No different than relying on GPS to lead you to your desired destination, or referring to a map when traveling in an unfamiliar area, you require a trusted resource that will help guide you through this new, unchartered territory.

We have created the information below as a stop along this complex journey. What do these changes mean for you, and for your business? What strategies and tactics should you now consider? From home mortgage interest and child tax credits to depreciation changes and state and local tax treatment – we discuss how the TCJA may impact you. We hope these resources serve as a helpful roadmap as you contemplate how to minimize liability and maximize value in 2018 and beyond.