Wellington Leisure Products, Inc. has continued operations through transactions with WLP, LLC., jointly owned by InterAmerican Capital, LLC and Valor Equity Partners, LP, American Outdoor, and SB Capital


Transaction Type:

Special Situations

Wellington Leisure Products, Inc. – Shortly after filing chapter 11, this $120 million per year, consumer goods company retained SC&H Capital as its exclusive investment banker to sell off its various divisions (manufacturers of cordage, synthetic webbing, life vests, wood furniture, hunting scents, and skis), located in fifteen plants around the U.S.  The businesses were plagued by heavy financial losses and alleged fraud.   

SC&H generated over 200 interested prospects and completed eight court-approved sales, including going concern transactions for the primary businesses. Through these transactions, the businesses survived, most employees were retained, and the unsecured creditors received a payout of approximately 65% on $65 million in debt. 

Transaction Leaders


Matt LoCascio


Ken Mann

Managing Director