Island IT Consultants (IITC) Acquired by Tyto Athene

IITC is a leader in the field of large enterprise Unified Communication and collaboration services specializing in all areas of Audio, Video, Streaming, VTC, Telephony, and Instant Messaging / Chat Services that empower people to communicate effectively and seamlessly.  IITC is had recently won a $50M+ prime contract supporting a key Federal intelligence customer and from this win was projecting significant growth.

SC&H worked with an IITC executive in a prior transaction (JKA Tech sale to KEYW).  The executive introduced SC&H to IITC’s owners after they were approached by a strategic buyer who wanted to make a preemptive offer.  IITC hired SC&H to assess the preemptive offer, and create a competitive dynamic to maximize value for the shareholders.

SC&H guided IITC in discussions with the preemptive buyer, and concluded that the buyer was not giving market value to IITC. SC&H advised IITC to run an M&A process targeting a limited number of carefully selected strategic buyers with a rational view of market valuations and strong cultural fit and complimentary capabilities. SC&H delivered multiple highly competitive bids from several attractive strategic buyers, which created significant negotiating leverage. IITC ultimately selected a bid from a new buyer, Arlington Capital backed Tyto Athene, who recognized IITC’s strategic value

SC&H Capital’s M&A expertise and insight proved invaluable in helping us negotiate this very complicated transaction. From helping us establish a sound valuation, to navigating the landscape of the marketplace, to helping us select a good partner in Tyto Athene, they were there every step of the way. We couldn’t have selected a better partner than SC&H

Dennis Powell


CEO and Co-Founder



Transaction Leaders

Matthew Roberson

Managing Director