Datablink Acquired by WatchGuard Technologies

Transaction Highlights

Datablink, headquartered in McLean, VA. with primary operations in Brazil, is a leading provider of advanced transaction signing and user authentication hardware and software solutions for financial institutions and corporate organizations.

SC&H assembled an extensive list of potential US-based and international buyers, and developed targeted marketing materials specifying the value proposition of Datablink’s technology to each subset of the list. SC&H ran a broad marketing process and worked closely with Datablink’s shareholders and management team to find the right buyer that would allow the company to continue to serve its existing customer base, and to leverage its unique technology for broader use in the enterprise security market.

Ultimately, in Datablink’s selection of WatchGuard Technologies, the Datablink technology will gain a global platform as a complementary addition to WatchGuard’s firewall and network security solutions for small to midsize businesses. The acquisition of Datablink enables WatchGuard to roll out a market ready solution to its existing customers and channel partners, with authentication security coverage for endpoint devices as well as cloud and web applications.

“Greg and the SC&H Capital team helped navigate options for expansion, strategically advised our leadership team, and put the needs of our customers and stakeholders first throughout negotiations. We are pleased with the results of the sale and look forward to working with WatchGuard to integrate our authentication technology solutions into their broad offering of network security solutions.”

Alexandre Cagnoni





Transaction Leaders

Greg Hogan

Managing Director