BTH Quitman Hickory has continued operations through a transaction with Mohegan Renewable Energy


Transaction Type:

Special Situations

BTH Quitman Hickory LLC – When operations began at this white wood and torrefied pellet mill, it was the first commercial-scale torrefaction facility located in the US. Capable of producing 75,000 tons of torrefied material, which is a replacement for coal, ownership saw an opportunity to increase profitability and decided to shift focus to white wood pellets. Unfortunately, due to oversupply, the price per ton for white wood pellets dropped dramatically, forcing operations to cease and the company, located in Mississippi, filed for chapter 11.

SC&H Capital was retained and generated substantial interest in the mill, with over 30 groups conducting diligence, leading to an initial offer from Mohegan Renewable Energy. Through intense negotiations, SC&H was able to improve the offer significantly and worked with five different creditor groups to establish an agreeable distribution of proceeds. The sale to Mohegan Renewable Energy was approved by the court and closed shortly afterward.

Transaction Leaders

Hank Waida


Ken Mann

Managing Director