Avkem International has sold its assets to Certified Flux Solutions and E-Jay Thermo


Transaction Type:

Special Situations

Avkem International, LLC – One of three primary flux suppliers in the U.S., this Tennessee-based company had experienced a number of adverse challenges including prematurely closing a facility and multiple acquisitions that were poorly executed. One of those acquisitions was to grow a refractory product line that was not doing well. The secured lender had brought in several turnaround consultants with little improvement. They were considering a liquidation before retaining SC&H Capital.

SC&H quickly determined that splitting the business into two divisions, flux and refractory, was the best way to maximize value. SC&H solicited offers for both businesses and negotiated offers with two separate buyers, the values of which far surpassed any other potential solutions. Closings were completed concurrently without interruption to operations or customers.

Transaction Leaders


Matt LoCascio


Ken Mann

Managing Director