SC&H Capital Advises Applied Educational Systems in Sale to iCEV Multimedia

Applied Educational Systems (“AES”) is a leading provider of digital career and technical education (CTE) content for K-12 schools and career centers. AES delivers content in health sciences, business education, computer applications, and career readiness through its proprietary SaaS platform, including its flagship product HealthCenter21. As a purpose-driven company, its solutions are built with teachers’ needs and students’ futures in mind. With more than 35 years of experience and products in over 2,000 classrooms worldwide, AES improves outcomes for nearly 400,000 student users annually.

SC&H Capital’s market insights and relationships in the SaaS and EdTech sectors made us an ideal partner for AES. Our team was able to key in on AES’ value proposition to students, teachers, and its employees in order to craft a tailored process and marketing materials to position AES as a scalable SaaS solution. Highlighting the unique features that have contributed to the Company’s impressive growth and the opportunity in the CTE market, we attracted significant private equity interest as a platform investment, though ultimately the attraction of a partnership with iCEV was most appealing.

iCEV, backed by The Riverside Company, was chosen as the acquirer due to its similar mindset as an enabler for CTE teachers, a complementary go-to-market strategy, and the opportunity to introduce the AES platform and curricula to a larger audience. The AES management team will also fold their unique expertise into the leadership at iCEV.

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From the outset, SC&H Capital brought a clear understanding of our business as we see it and designed a process that best positioned our SaaS platform in the market. Their team served as a true partner to ownership and management, guiding us through the process towards a great outcome for all stakeholders.

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Applied Educational Systems

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Matthew Roberson

Managing Director