SC&H Launches NETFORCE Series to Help Business Leaders Better Navigate Changing Times

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Updated on: March 29, 2024

Experts examine and explain the ever-evolving marketplace, providing insight about how to flourish and

Is the traditional five-year business plan dead given the rapid rate of change? Is differentiation still important in a marketplace that seems to grow more commoditized by the day? Is the cloud vulnerable to a significant breach or outage, and, if so, how will corporate users respond?

These are just a few of the many pressing issues that the experts at SC&H Group are exploring in their new series, NETFORCE.

In the months ahead, professionals from each of the company’s nine divisions — Audit, Business Performance Management, CFO Advisory, Contract Compliance Audit, Investment Banking & Advisory, Personal Financial Planning, Risk Management, Tax, and Technology Advisory — will share their insight and expertise regarding a wide range of topics relevant to executives and investors.

In the first four installments, Jeff Bathurst (Technology Advisory), Christopher Helmrath (Investment Banking & Advisory), and Greg Horning (Personal Finance Planning) explore dozens of subjects, including:

  • Why the ability to deal successfully with ambiguity is invaluable
  • How businesses sometimes waste money and time
  • What to expect from technological advances (artificial intelligent, block chain, etc.)
  • When to cultivate client relationships
  • Why differentiation remains invaluable
  • How companies are likely to respond in the event of security breach to the cloud
  • What the difference is between a fad and a product/service with staying power
  • Why companies should compete on cost rather than price

Each contributor also addresses what it means to be a NETFORCE. The name of the series is drawn from Newton’s Second Law of Motion, which states that the acceleration of an object — such as a company — is dependent on two variables: the mass of the object and the net force acting upon the object.

“We’re taking on today’s seemingly chaotic business environment and exploring how top performers are navigating this great unknown to become future-ready,” Ron Causey, SC&H’s chief executive, said of the series.

“Business decision makers who have access to the expert analysis and insight of well-trusted advisors are generally better positioned to truly thrive rather than merely survive,” Causey added. “That’s exactly what we’re delivering with this series.”

The NETFORCE articles are available at

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