Liz Wilcom

Tax Supervisor

Liz Milligan

Liz Wilcom is a Tax Supervisor on the SC&H Wealth team. She has been with the firm since 2016 and assists clients of the practice in addressing and overcoming tax challenges. Liz’s focus areas include:

  • Taxation
  • Tax planning
  • Consultative services

Additionally, Liz works regularly on tax compliance for investment partnerships, estates, and trusts. She’s passionate about helping clients save money and maximizing their income. Liz likes meeting and working with new clients and learning about the specifics of their industry, so she can find the right tax solution for them. Liz graduated from Towson University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Outside of the office she is a Board Member of the Gunpowder Players Association, she possesses quite the green thumb and loves gardening. Liz grows many seasonal vegetables and herbs in her large garden that she regularly incorporates into her delicious home cooked meals.

Areas of Expertise


"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work."

Pritpal Kalsi


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Liz Wilcom

Tax Supervisor

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