Colin Kendall

Chief Marketing Officer

Colin Kendall is our Chief Marketing Officer. He loves marketing for its storytelling and the role it plays at SC&H in helping to craft an exceptional experience for its clients, colleagues, and community partners.

Colin is responsible for leading the firm’s initiative to expand its voice and reach in the industry, while leveraging marketing innovations to drive growth. This includes building on the close alignment with the sales and client service teams to promote the firm’s industry expertise and thought leadership.

Colin brings more than a decade of experience living and breathing marketing. He is passionate about helping SC&H’s service lines and professionals get in front of as many organizations as possible, making sure it’s a no-brainer that SC&H is the right partner for their business needs.

In his time at SC&H, Kendall has successfully led the marketing strategy for some of the firm’s largest service lines, creating and delivering cohesive and data-driven marketing campaigns built to drive new and meaningful growth for SC&H.

Prior to joining SC&H, Colin began his marketing and client service career at an award-winning, Baltimore-based creative agency, and joined SC&H because of the reputation of the firm and its professionals, along with the chance to build on its “corporate entrepreneurial” culture.

Outside the office, Colin enjoys spending time with his family: his wife (Lee), his two sons (Tucker and Britton), his daughter (Keegan), and their black Labrador (Callie). Colin also likes teaching and mentoring kids in youth lacrosse – he has been an avid coach and official for the past 15 years.

Colin graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a degree in journalism.

Areas of Expertise

"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work."

Pritpal Kalsi


"You could be good today, but instead you choose tomorrow."

Colin Kendall

Chief Marketing Officer

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