Chris Norem, CPA


Since 1993, Chris has served the financial sector spanning accounting, audit, tax, and consulting. His extensive experience enables him to provide best-in-class support to any client, irrespective of industry or size—from start-ups, publicly traded companies, and global organizations to commercial businesses, government entities, and non-profits.

As a former CFO of a fast-growing global technology company, Chris is keenly aware of the challenges faced by business executives daily. While executive roles offer excitement and empowerment, they are often accompanied by overwhelming pressures, stressors, and long workdays. To help navigate and ease these challenges, Chris serves as a trusted resource to executives. Employing a hands-on and collaborative approach, Chris listens to and understands the client’s unique needs before breaking them down into manageable action plans.

Having built high-performing teams and systems, he has overseen finance, accounting, tax, treasury, payroll, information technology, and supply chain functions on a global scale. Chris specializes in developing and implementing business strategies and associated models to facilitate effective and efficient business growth. Maximizing top-line revenue and profitability growth, he reinforces the importance of effective change management and automation. With a keen focus on aligning systems, people, talent, and processes with the business strategy, Chris is well-equipped to provide a roadmap for sustained business success.

A graduate of Radford University, Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Accounting.

Outside of work, Chris maintains an active lifestyle. He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, volunteering with his therapy dog, helping others, hiking, boating, paddleboarding, skiing, and weightlifting.

Areas of Expertise


"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work."

Pritpal Kalsi


"The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work."

Steve Jobs


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