Episode 15: Robin Patalon, Director — SC&H Financial Advisors

Updated on: September 24, 2019

Meet Robin!

Role & Department: Director, SC&H Financial Advisors

Pond Highlights:

  • What she enjoys about financial planning and what she’s learned during her 20-year career at SC&H (0:56);
  • How does she keep her clients calm and optimistic in the face of trying economic times? (1:35);
  • Clients need to understand what you’re saying, and they need to understand that you see their perspective (2:29);
  • Her experience checking off a bucket list item, the New York City Marathon (3:58);
  • She details how she met her husband on a blind date…that her mother set up! (4:14).

Enjoy this episode with Robin Patalon.

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