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Updated on: May 23, 2024

When partnering with an organization like Amentum (formerly PAE), it’s easy to feel like you’re a part of the family. It was a privilege to work with such bright minds in the pursuit of financial transformation at one of the leading government contractors in the world.

The Amentum team engaged the SC&H Group Business Performance Management group to transform their finance and accounting processes. The implementation of Oracle’s Planning and Financial Consolidation & Cloud solutions strengthened the foundation to align Amentum’s monthly close, consolidation, budgeting and planning, and financial reporting processes across the organization. In addition to supporting their consolidation and budgeting and forecasting needs, they’re leveraging a unique model within EPBCS to support their forward pricing indirect rate submissions to the U.S. Government.


With collaboration making up the bedrock of the relationship, the Amentum and SC&H teams combined to deliver automated integrations, and automated intelligence, ensuring that Amentum has the resources and tools needed to report sooner, and with more confidence in the numbers.

Great things happen when you have powerful minds and passionate teams collaborating to drive proven results, and throughout this engagement, Amentum’s “people-first” mentality was a catalyst for the project’s success and positions them to further capitalize on their mission to merge technology with advanced business practices delivering faster, smarter, and more efficient managed services to the U.S government, its allied partners, and international organizations.

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Video Transcript

Matt Moshier: Amentum (formerly PAE) is a government services provider located here in Arlington, Virginia, and Fairfax, Virginia.

Pritpal Kalsi: We helped PAE transform its accounting and finance processes.

Kelsey Finnegan: The previous state, they didn’t have any faith in where their numbers were coming from.

Kalsi: Everything that they did previously was highly manual, [and] required a lot of man-effort to produce.

Moshier: We’d have to pull multiple reports in multiple Excel spreadsheets to get one answer.

Kalsi: So what we did there was we came in and replaced a manual process with Oracle EPM platforms that had automated integrations, automated intelligence, so what used to take several days is now a matter of hours slash minutes.

Mark Monroe: Because we can consolidate more quickly. We have visibility to our consolidated results sooner which allows us to begin our analysis more quickly.

Moshier: Now, in real-time when I’m sitting with the CEO and CFO, I can pull data on the spot seamlessly and know that it’s right.

Monroe: Well you know we considered a number of other firms but, what set SC&H apart from the others was really their knowledge of the Hyperion software itself, their knowledge and experience with, cost point which was our ERP system, and their knowledge of the government contracting space.

Moshier: At the beginning, people were pushing back saying oh this is a new tool. Maybe they didn’t want to get their hands dirty with it. Now they’re coming to us knowing, hey, can’t we do this? Can we have this enhancement so people are really taking the tool and running with it?

Finnegan: I would say the keyword working with the PAE team is the collaboration that we had.

Kalsi: Right from the get-go. It was very much a team atmosphere and working together and collaborating.

Monroe: You know, [at] PAE it’s people first. You’ve got great people. Committed to the mission. Dedicated to getting things done, and supporting our programs across the globe. And at the end of the day the successful plantation. This project just makes us better as a company and being able to support our programs, support our initiatives, and our missions around the globe, and marrying up with SC&H in this process helped ensure that success.

Moshier: My number one takeaway from working with SC&H is I don’t want them to leave. They’ve been a great partner and they’ve almost felt like they were part of the Amentum FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) team.


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