When is it Time to Upgrade a Legacy ERP System?

Updated on: June 13, 2024

Is your legacy ERP system inflexible and difficult to integrate with other key business applications? When your current system begins to negatively impact your ability to do business in an efficient manner, it’s time to consider a modern, cloud-based ERP system.



Video Transcription

With Jeff Bathurst, Director of SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory team

Businesses are evolving rapidly as dramatic improvements in technology create new ways to solve problems, optimize cost, and reach new customers on an effort to maintain an edge on the competition. These changes are creating new industries and driving new levels of opportunity and challenges in existing industries. Customer expectations driven by the proliferation of mobile devices and the ease of use e-commerce sites like Amazon have forced companies to provide similar capabilities. If organizations expect not just to survive but to successfully compete, they must be able to meet these new customer expectations. Which begs the question, why are so many organizations still using decades old technology to operate and manage their businesses?

Many companies have older ERP solutions in place, most of which have not been updated in years due to the difficulty of upgrading legacy client server ERP solutions. It is no small task. These solutions are not well suited to integrating with other solutions and are inflexible. This has become a real world challenge where the expectations have shifted. Customers want immediate online ordering, order status and history, access to product specifications, and offerings within minutes and seconds. Legacy systems lack the integration, speed, capabilities, and sophistication needed to handle these new customer expectations. Other constituents, such as vendors, employees, and regulatory agencies have similar requirements and expectations that are unable to be met by legacy ERP solutions. When your current ERP application negatively impacts your business by a customer loss, cost overruns, operational inefficiency or technology limitations. It is time to look for a new solution. A modern, cloud based ERP solution has the capability of drastically improving business operations and removing many, if not all, of the challenges associated with an outdated application.

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