An ERP Success Story: How a High-Volume Financial System Replacement Got It Done

Updated on: April 26, 2021

Technical systems and software have become exceedingly complex in the last decade. With new products and services frequently entering the market, selecting, let alone implementing a solution that fits your needs can be difficult without the proper knowledge or resources to help inform your decisions. Yet, technology is a critical component for organizations that want to realize their financial, operational, and competitive objectives.  

Like many organizations, Burris Logistics, a family-owned business specializing in supply chain facetsrecognized that they needed to upgrade their technology suite. They had clear objectives that our Technology Advisory team was able to help them achieve with confidence

“Our systems — warehouse management system, transportation management system — didn’t talk to each other. We would extract reports and do manual journal entries into our financial management system.”
Jason James, Corporate Controller, Burris Logistics

The Pain Points of an Outdated System 

Burris found they needed to realign business practices and shift their processes to a cohesive, cloud-based system. Their challenges stemmed from: 

  • Outdated, unreliable software  
  • Unintegrated systems that didn’t communicate  
  • Fragmented, cumbersome accounting practices driven by legacy systems 

With 16 facilities and over 2,000 employees, they struggled to successfully uphold quality assurance expectations and efficiently run business operations with an antiquated system.  

Consolidated Solution Outcomes 

Our team evaluated several enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms and recommended the best solution to meet Burris’ specific financial and technical requirements. Their new consolidated system enabled them to significantly improve their operating efficiency and reduce their expenses—allowing for automation without the interference of manual errors and streamlined customer reports, to name only a few benefits. Download the full case study to learn more about the outcomes and benefits.

A Comprehensive, Tailored Process for Systems Replacement 

Our experienced advisors partner with executives and teams throughout the software selection process to provide the guidance needed to overcome common technology challenges. We start by developing a detailed understanding of your business goals and assess your technology environment to determine the best strategy for your organization. We come to the table with wellresearched options every time, not cookie-cutter solutions. 

With constant management of the project, and transparency at all stages, we achieve sustainable results and can help your organization identify, prepare for, and quickly pivot to resolve interferences that can occur during implementation. 

Reach out to our Technology Advisory Services Team if you have any questions about how we can address existing or future concerns. 

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