How to Optimize Your OneStream Implementation: Strategies for Effective Data Reconciliation

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Updated on: April 18, 2024

Data reconciliation is an integral part of a OneStream implementation, but it often presents the greatest risk. That is why having a plan and strategy in place from the onset is imperative to set your project up for success.

Kevin Hebbel, Director of SC&H’s OneStream Implementation Practice joins the OneStream Podcast to break down the topic of data reconciliation and speak about the most critical steps in the process.

Key topics covered during the discussion included:

  • When to start data validation during a project
  • When to begin to load data into the OneStream platform
  • Central versus distributed approaches to mapping data
  • The ideal level of client involvement throughout the data validation phase
  • The challenges and opportunities of the data reconciliation process
  • The most common project risks and how to mitigate them

Listen to the full conversation to learn more about data reconciliation and the process SC&H leverages during its OneStream implementation projects.


About the SC&H OneStream Practice

As a OneStream Platinum Partner, SC&H is a leading implementation services provider, outperforming even our largest competitors. Our team of business strategists and finance and accounting professionals offer extensive OneStream implementation experience, the expertise to envision and achieve the bigger picture for your business, along with industry best practices.

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