Expatriate Tax

Proactively Maintain Tax Compliance and Savings While Abroad

The process of sending employees to work abroad is complicated, and requires expertise and ultimately preparation to meet tax requirements – for both the individual and their company. Millions of people are sent to work abroad by employers, and among the largest group sent abroad are those who are relocated for temporary assignments by their employer.

US residents are required to pay taxes on income earned abroad – even if taxes are being paid elsewhere. Understanding the qualification criteria for expatriate tax exclusions is a unique area of expertise. SC&H Group works with multinational clients to minimize the tax burden, avoid risk, and provide a seamless strategy to make transitioning employees overseas a compliant process.

How We Deliver

As companies evolve, global expansion often is part of the strategic plan more often than not. Sending employees abroad positions businesses to capitalize on expanding or emerging markets. Ultimately limiting the investment and burden of hiring local management staff. The Expatriate Tax Services team consists of professionals who understand the constantly changing, complex policies and equalization formulas related to this strategy.

To assist your employees – our experienced expatriate professionals can provide guidance on individual tax compliance, bank account reporting, and compensation. Additionally our team can work with your business to maintain your business tax compliance, including residency determination, budget and expense projections, and withholding calculations.

SC&H’s Expatriate team works with clients to ensure:

  • Hidden tax savings are recognized
  • Income is property reported
  • Programs are properly implemented
  • Tax equalization policies are created
  • Provide peace of mind that issues are being handled properly

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