Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage Contract Audits

Access Expertise to Validate Billing Accuracy

Shutdowns, turnarounds, and other outages—whether planned or unplanned—are costly, labor-intensive, and critical components of operations. As with any interruption, the primary focus is to get your plant online and operational quickly, safely, and within budget. While it’s simple to ascertain whether a project has been executed on time, it’s not always easy to ensure the charges billed by contractors comply with agreed-upon commercial terms. SC&H Group’s experienced and certified auditors perform in-depth examinations of contractor charges and underlying accounting records to:

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Determine Root Cause of Cost Overruns

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Verify Labor Cost Build Up From Wage to Bill Rate

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Ensure Billing Accuracy

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Validate Labor and Equipment Markups

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Confirm Payroll Tax Compliance

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Validate Per Diems

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Review Accuracy of Equipment, Small Tools, and Sub Costs

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Compare Gate Logs to Charges and Payroll

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Promote Transparency

Mitigate Risks with Effective Governance

SC&H’s auditors augment your company’s personnel to mitigate the risk of financial loss as a result of contractor system limitations, process control gaps, and human error. We understand that it can be a struggle to maintain detailed oversight of contractors’ numerous charges while managing a massive and fast-moving project. Our proven process effectively validates that what was billed reflects true and accurate costs authorized by your contract.

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With decades of experience serving the largest manufacturing, chemical, power generation, and oil and gas companies in the world, our team has helped our clients generate significant recoveries, improve supplier governance, and identify future savings opportunities.

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