Cybersecurity Advisory

Ready Your Organization for the Inevitable

What do we do in the event of a cyber breach? This is one of the most common questions we’re asked by CIOs and executives. Our role is to help IT and c-suite leaders establish effective processes and controls to mitigate, detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity disruptions. This includes defining a strategy that is capable of scaling and adapting to your business size and complexity and representative of the core dimensions of cyber readiness:

  • Proper technology
  • Appropriate insurance
  • Legal communications
  • Crisis management
  • Process and people

Manage Risk and Protect What’s Important

Cybercriminals can damage business operations through fraud, identity theft, piracy, and disruption that can translate into high price tag losses—and every company and person is a potential target. Develop and implement proper and necessary cybersecurity and infrastructure security systems and protocols to reduce the threat and negative impact cyberattacks can have on your organization’s reputation and productivity. This extends far beyond antivirus software and malware protection. SC&H Group’s cyber security advisory services help you:

  • Understand your cyber posture

  • Expose cybersecurity vulnerabilities

  • Implement a comprehensive security plan

  • Proactively identify risks

  • Protect sensitive information and data

  • Develop a resolution strategy

  • Establish a communications strategy

  • Manage and monitor security operations

Proactively Plan, Recover Quickly, Build Resilience

An effective cybersecurity strategy requires constant attention, diligence, and monitoring and must be engrained in the culture of your organization. If your leadership team has asked any of the following questions, now is the time to speak with a cybersecurity expert:

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  • What is our cyber and data security strategy?
  • Has it been communicated and tested?
  • How will we quickly respond to a cyber crisis?
  • Who will gather the facts and how?
  • When and how will we communicate with stakeholders?
  • How will we monitor crisis progression?
  • What course corrections or adaptations will we make?

Assess Your Cyber Readiness

Protect your organization against cyber-attacks, elevate your ability to detect and respond to attacks when they do occur, and remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited with a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity readiness. Our team offers a full risk profile analysis of your organization’s current cyber environment to identify risks, uncover system and process inefficiencies, and define a path to safeguard organizational and customer data.

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