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Giving Shape to Your Success

How does your organization feel about, and treat, data?

Today, businesses have more data at their fingertips than ever. But it doesn’t mean that all businesses are ready to be data driven. You must want to be data driven.

The ones that are will enable confident and proactive decision making, discover unrealized cost-saving measures and identify patterns that empirically affect organizational performance—if you know how to make it all work.

Unlock the Power of Data Across Your Organization


New technologies have given executives and business stakeholders unprecedented insight into how they’re tracking toward target KPIs and provide a single version of the truth to objectively measure performance. But it takes real expertise to cut through the noise and separate out the most useful, impactful data.

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SC&H’s Data Analytics team can light the way. We help businesses understand how to create useful data visualizations that showcases their success. We also help them streamline multiple data sources into a single, unified story that speaks to their unique impact. Above all, we turn companies’ data into visually compelling, interactive reports that provide actionable intelligence.

Transforming Reporting & Analytics for a Leading Government Contractor

The Story Behind the Success

This international organization recognized the need to increase their data visibility, reduce manual efforts, standardize their planning processes, and leverage a one-stop portal for enterprise reporting and analytics.

With the help of Oracle and Power BI, they’re using a modernized financial planning, forecasting, and indirect modeling application to power their organizational insights and empower their finance teams to make data-driven decisions. Learn how implementing Power BI and Oracle helped them achieve their goal.

About the Project

Special Olympics Maryland Data Analytics Case Study

From Data to Dashboards to Dollars

Whether you’re a nonprofit or a Fortune 500 enterprise, it’s amazing what can happen when you go from data to dashboards to dollars. Special Olympics Maryland engaged the Data Analytics team at SC&H for their 2020 Corporate Plunge data visualization needs. The mission was clear—how could we use data to drive more participation, more competition, and most importantly, more money to support their 8,033 athletes in 2020 and beyond?

Through the power of Tableau providing live analytics for all of the corporate plunge teams to showcase the top donors/organizations, the industries driving the most contributions, and weekly success spotlights, we’re happy to report that that over $490,000 was raised for the Corporate Plunge (goal of $400,000) and this support will allow Special Olympics Maryland to sponsor more than 1,900 athletes participating in an event or experience in 2020.

As you can see, it was definitely “Mission, accomplished.”

Power BI Success Story with Commercial HVAC and Energy Solutions Provider

On-Demand Reporting for Executive Management, Service & Support, and Engineers

We were engaged to enable the use of Power BI throughout the organization to bring efficiencies to reporting processes, enhance customer communication experiences, and make better decisions off the plethora of data available to them across their business segments.


About The Project

Our Specialties

Data Strategy

We advise clients on the best methods to collect, combine, and analyze financial, operational, sales, marketing, and other data. We also show organizations how to utilize business intelligence tools to transform and embolden decision-making and achieve their strategic goals.

Data Modeling

Our architect data models combine data from multiple sources into the simplest possible form to support analytics.

Data Visualization

We implement tools that enable organizations to visualize their results and data for the most immediate, appealing, and useful reports that serve your goals.

The Key to Unlocking Your Data Strategy


We know that you want to be a data-aware and data-driven organization. The problem is, you most likely have numerous sources of data, and an equal number of opinions about how to best utilize it. We can help.


Let’s Visualize It

Our Process

We follow a three-step process fully focused on understanding your business goals to ensure we’re providing actionable intelligence, not just an eye-pleasing dashboard. It all starts with the discovery. What do you want to see, and what do you want the data to tell you?

The next step is taking the time to understand what insights and concerns you have about the way your company works, to identify your strengths and goals, and where you’re trying to grow and improve. Looking at the existing systems or reports that you currently use (CRM, financial systems, access databases, marketing data, etc.), we develop a strategy for building analytics capabilities to match the goals you’ve set.

We then organize your data into simple, yet powerful visualizations that reflect your organizational KPIs, turning your analytics into accessible reports that allow stakeholders to make effective, informed decisions about the most important aspects of your business.

  • It Starts with Discovery
  • Review Existing Systems to Better Inform the Plan
  • Turn Data into Dashboards

How We Deliver

  • Conducting organization data assessments
  • Architecting modern approaches to data collection, storage, cleansing and governance
  • Creating interactive dashboard reporting for real-time KPI monitoring
  • Integrating financial statement data with operational results
  • Understanding your business and enabling analytics to provide value for each unique segment (Marketing, HR, IT, Sales, Accounting, Finance).

Our Preferred Solutions

Data Sources and Transformation

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