2022 Community Impact Report

2022: A Year in Review

In the last 12 months, the SC&H team was able to make a diverse contribution to the surrounding communities through its time and money. We’re thrilled to share that we served more than 134 different organizations in 2022!

Through our annual Day of Service and countless employee-led activities, we’ve continued to help strengthen the neighborhoods around us. This 2022 Community Impact Report shares our top highlights, many of the mission-driven organizations with which we had the privilege to serve, and the experiences that make us proud to be SC&Hers. We are incredibly pleased by what our team accomplished in just one year, and we can’t wait to see what more we can achieve in the future.

Making Our Impact Count

SC&H Group is committed to making our communities a better place to live through a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that include volunteering, nonprofit board service, and charitable contributions. Given the importance of these initiatives, SC&H tracks information related to our community engagement activities and measurable impact. Additionally, we solicit input from our team using an annual survey to better understand how each of our colleagues gives back at the individual level.


All SC&H team members are encouraged to give back to the community by donating a valuable and limited resource—their time. Each year, SC&H team members collectively contribute thousands of volunteering hours to support the nonprofit organizations in the communities that matter most to them. Our firm supports their endeavors by also creating, sharing, and facilitating opportunities where they can get involved.

Nonprofit Board Service

SC&H’s trusted advisors lend their expertise and experience to nonprofit organizations by serving on their Board of Directors. In doing so, we can help steer the sustainable future of these organizations, advance their mission, ensure adequate resources and connections are available, and recruit others to contribute in meaningful ways.

Charitable Contributions

SC&H invests in organizations that strive to make our communities better with sustainable and measurable results. Providing financial support to many organizations, we focus on our primary cause areas: Human Services // Health // Education // Youth Services. We evaluate existing and new partnerships based on how their missions align with these four areas.

By the Numbers

Empowering, inspiring, and creating opportunities for our people to give back in our communities has always been a core pillar at SC&H. As I reflect on our firm’s community impact in 2022, I am reminded of the powerful effects generosity has on everyone, and how infectious the compassion we hold for those around us truly is.

It is remarkable to see the impact our team has had across 134 organizations and the 5,818 hours they devoted in both their personal and professional lives to the community. Not only are these numbers inspiring, but the lasting connections that have been created through our teamwork and partnerships will lead to new ideas and stronger relationships down the road.

Pritpal Kalsi
SC&H Group

Community Service Committee Spotlight

Community service is a firm value that is brought to life by our people. To uphold our commitment to strengthen the neighborhoods around us, we have an employee resource group (ERG) focused entirely on our community service efforts. The Community Service Committee is just one of seven employee resource groups that provide opportunities for our employees to participate in various initiatives and advance their leadership skills outside of work.

The Community Service Committee leads our initiatives to:

  • Provide opportunities for our team to get and stay involved in the community
  • Empower our people to be leaders of change
  • Organize activities supporting our primary cause areas

Jeff Klima, a longtime leader in our Contract Compliance Audit service, has also played an instrumental part in shaping our Community Service Committee. As the current leader of this committee, he has the unique opportunity to help drive home the importance of corporate social responsibility and spearhead new initiatives.


“As with all the services we offer, collaboration across areas of expertise allows us to better accomplish our goals and successfully meet the needs of others. Through our collaboration with other internal committees like our Wellness Committee and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, the Community Service Committee is able to serve a wider variety of initiatives, think through events from different perspectives, and deepen the connections we have with our shared partners.

We are excited for the year to come, the relationships that will be fostered both inside and outside the firm, and the impact we can make!” – Jeff Klima