Representative Transactions

J.T. Shannon Lumber Company has sold its Superior Hardwoods division to Baillie Lumber Company

J.T. SHANNON LUMBER COMPANY – A leading manufacturer of precision cut hardwood lumber, with revenue of approximately $85 million, wished to consider a sale of one or more of three divisions (Superior Hardwoods, Shannon Lumber, Shamrock Flooring) and/or a refinancing of the whole company, or any divisions retained.

SC&H Capital received confidentiality agreements from more than 50 interested buyers and more than a dozen lenders. SC&H and management identified 25 groups to focus on and provided them more detailed information and the opportunity to visit the facilities. From that group, SC&H Capital quickly generated 3 purchase offers and 3 refinancing term sheets. With a very attractive offer on the profitable Superior Lumber division, management decided to sell that saw mill and concentration yard to Baillie, retire debt, keep the other two divisions, and refinanced the small remaining debt with Triumph Bank.