Representative Transactions

Gourmet Kitchens, Inc. has continued operations through a transaction with Taylor Fresh Foods, Inc.


Gourmet Kitchens, Inc. – This Chicago-based manufacturer of fresh prepared foods and meals had been operating in Chapter 11 for six months but was days away from having its cash collateral cut off when SC&H Capital was retained.

The secured creditor agreed to continue funding operations for 45 days to allow SC&H Capital to complete its marketing process. SC&H quickly generated three going concern bids, the value of which far exceeded any liquidation estimate. There was significant competition for the stalking horse position, leading to improved terms for Gourmet Kitchens and a much higher price. Less than six weeks after being retained, SC&H Capital successfully conducted a robust auction. The winning bidder, Taylor Fresh Foods, closed within five business days, at a price more than $7 million above the initial stalking horse bid, and continued operations without a single day of interruption.