The Importance of a Mature Contract Compliance Program

In today’s environment, the presence of an effective contract compliance audit program is more important than ever before. With an effective, consistent, mature contract compliance audit program in place, your company can enhance business performance with strategic partners by replacing familiarity and blind trust with transparency, accountability, and earned trust.

How to Achieve Higher Cost-Savings and Mitigate Risk with Contract Compliance Audits

  • The building blocks that define success for the world’s most mature contract compliance audit programs.
  • Steps your organization should consider for the present and beyond.
  • Challenges similar organizations are experiencing.
  • Insights to achieve higher cost savings, mitigate risk, and increase supplier transparency.
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How Can Your Company Benefit from a Contract Compliance Audit Program?

  • Establish more productive and efficient third-party relationships
  • Strengthen contract language, improve financial terms, and enhance internal controls
  • Verify accuracy of data reported by suppliers
  • Access IT controls, data privacy, and exclusivity requirements
  • Identify and recover overbillings

Ensure That Your Company Has a
Mature Contract Compliance Audit Program in Place

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Our Areas of Expertise

The SC&H Group Contract Compliance Audit Services team has extensive experience partnering with Fortune 100 – 500 companies across all industries to develop mature and sustainable contract compliance audit programs. We leverage experience and risk awareness to generate the highest possible economic value while delivering transparency that helps clients enhance third-party relationships and protect earnings. Our areas of expertise are outlined below:

Optimize Your Business Performance

Your products and services are only as good as the raw materials you put into your work. Similarly, the experience of working with a third-party auditor is only as good as the auditor. Focusing on collaboration, creating a customized plan, and helping stakeholders implement the program across the company to obtain widespread support for the initiative has been a proven approach that SC&H has invested in. When a contract compliance audit program matures and is working efficiently, everyone from the C-suite to the third-tier supplier will benefit.

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