Technical Accounting

Sooner or later, every successful business encounters situations requiring a high level of technical accounting expertise. In many cases, your team might not carry the knowledge or skills necessary to provide a competitive advantage. By engaging SC&H Group’s Technical Accounting services, you gain the benefit of an entire staff of seasoned professionals that have produced phenomenal results for hundreds of client companies.

By providing a high level of service in areas such as mergers & acquisitions, SEC filings, capital raise, and financial reporting, SC&H is recognized as an industry leader with a proven track record.

Areas of Expertise

SC&H provides expert accounting consultation and services in:

  • Business Combinations
  • Income Tax Provisions
  • Revenue Recognition for Multiple Deliverables & SAAS
  • Stock Options and Equity Based Compensation
  • Complex Debt and Equity Transactions

Advantage of Depth and Experience

In the ever-increasing competitive business world, critical situations expose your enterprise to more risk while simultaneously offering great opportunity. When you engage an experienced Technical Accounting expert, you can be sure that risk mitigation is exercised to its fullest extent. Plus, value-generating tactical advantages greatly improve outcomes for any given accounting or business endeavor.

Our team of CFOs, COOs, directors, M&A consultants, audit & tax experts, and controllers pool their cross discipline knowledge to give depth of insight to your team. Leave nothing to chance as your company navigates complex financial and accounting landscapes.

Dedicated Team

No matter what the task, SC&H is fully dedicated to your business success. Our dedicated work ethic means we look out for any potential advantage – or risk – for your business to achieve its goals efficiently and effectively.

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