Oracle-Hyperion Health Check & Hybrid Evaluation

Your Oracle-Hyperion solution represents a significant investment from your organization to improve financial close and planning activities and ensure their quality. Are you getting the most out of this investment? Through our 19+ years specializing in designing, implementing and deploying Oracle-Hyperion solutions, we understand that the originally delivered application may be vastly different than what is in place today. It is natural for a system to grow and evolve over time and sometimes this growth does not always follow best practices. Considering the frequency that we have come across the scenario described above, we have developed a methodology to efficiently evaluate and determine the health of our client’s Oracle-Hyperion applications. Our professionals evaluate the health of your enterprise environment to identify performance, configuration, and security concerns. In addition, SC&H can help you formulate a plan to implement system enhancements to facilitate greater efficiency.

SC&H’s Oracle-Hyperion Health Check Process

  • Conduct a technical and procedural review of the application and the driving business processes
  • Troubleshoot performance related issues to enhance the environment’s health and stability
  • Review system versions and patches to identify potential security risks and bug fixes
  • Provide training and best practices guidance to application administrators and users
  • Educate businesses on new functionality and products to improve system sustainability and increase product lifespan
  • Offer insight to help the business decide when and how to upgrade their solution

Additionally, SC&H can determine if your application’s performance and efficiency can be improved by enabling one of Oracle’s most exciting features: Hybrid mode! As many Oracle-Hyperion gurus know, Essbase databases (which are the backbone of Hyperion Planning and Oracle Planning Cloud applications) currently feature two types of databases: BSO and ASO. Each database specializes in its own specific functions. BSO databases excel at running complex calculations while ASO databases excel at dynamically aggregating data in real time. With Hybrid mode, your application can have the best of both. A database with complex calculation capabilities and the ability to dynamically aggregate data in real time. Not to mention the benefit of your application size dramatically decreasing since Essbase no longer needs to store upper level members! Previously only available for on premises applications, hybrid mode is on track to be available in Oracle’s EPBCS applications in early 2019, so cloud users will be able to benefit from this major enhancement as well. With multiple hybrid implementations and quantitative statistics to validate they switch to Hybrid, the unique experience to evaluate and enable the right Hybrid mode configuration for your application.


Evaluation of Hybrid Deployment

  • Conduct a thorough review of existing application to determine if enabling Hybrid mode will improve performance and reduce database size
  • Performance test the application with Hybrid enabled and compare to performance prior to Hybrid mode being enabled
  • Unit test the application to ensure all calculations, reports and related artifacts are working as expected
  • Create a deployment plan and execute the migration of the new Hybrid configuration into your Production environment

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