The 2019 Kscope Public Market

Sink It to Win It

Over the course of 3 ½ days, our fish logged a ton of miles (and some battle wounds) and were tossed 1,440 times! We captured live data on each toss via the Oracle Analytics Cloud Dashboard we built for the show, and as many of you saw (and took advantage of) we kept this dashboard updated all week.


Breaking Down the Fish Toss Analytics

Now it’s time to break things down + share the final results with each of you:

  • The Teal bucket, which was the bucket in the front of the triangle, was by far the most successful
  • The heavier fish (FCCS and EBPCS) were much more successful than the lighter fish (ARCS and OAC)
  • We had participants from 19 different countries, including the Cayman Islands and Croatia!
  • Surprisingly, the participants’ second toss was more successful than their third

Main Dashboard

Kscope 2019 - OAC Dashboard (Fish Toss Main Dashboard)

U.S. & International Tosses Made

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