InstantEPM™ with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

Rapidly Improve Core Planning and Budgeting Processes

InstantEPM™ Provides A Targeted Six-Week Foundational Implementation of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

  • Rapidly improve core planning and budgeting processes
  • Leverage out of the box functionality of PBCS
  • Quickly and cost effectively deliver a straightforward planning and budgeting solution
  • Reduce your organization’s reliance on spreadsheets
  • Accelerate timing of low value data collection processes
  • Streamline the aggregation of data

Deliver a straightforward planning and budgeting solution – quickly and cost effectively – and reduce your organization’s reliance on spreadsheets.

Transform Planning and Budgeting Processes From Excel To the Cloud—In Just 6 Weeks

SC&H’s InstantEPM™ with Oracle PBCS relies on a pre-defined project scope that leverages the out-of-the-box functionality of PBCS to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a straightforward planning and budgeting solution that reduces an organization’s reliance on spreadsheets.

The primary goal of this innovative and efficient solution is to accelerate the timing of low-value data collection processes, streamline the aggregation of data and begin the transformation of the management reporting and analysis capabilities as part of the planning and budgeting activities.

  • Planning and budgeting application via Oracle PBCS
  • Straightforward data collection in a single currency
  • Application dimensionality in alignment with pre-established financial reporting hierarchies and the following items:
    • Account (P&L, Balance Sheet)
    • Period (By Month Detail)
    • Entity
    • Years (Fiscal Years)
    • Version (Working and Final)
    • Scenario (Actual, Budget, Forecast)
    • One Custom Dimension (e.g., Project, Product)      
      • One general ledger data source for monthly data integrations
      • Five web-based “spreadsheet-style” end-user planning and data collection templates
      • Five financial report templates
      • Five business rules/calculations required to consolidate financial information and move data between scenarios (e.g., Actuals to Forecast)
      • Training for two application administrators and up to five power users

Once a foundational PBCS application is achieved through SC&H’s InstantEPM™ approach, then additional enhancements can be explored in a future phase project to realize the ultimate goals in achieving world-class best practices in planning and budgeting, such as:

  • Driver-based planning
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Allocations
  • Cash flow
  • Multi-currency
  • Enhanced workflow and approval process
  • Dashboard and mobile reporting

The Advantages of InstantEPM™

  • Timeliness.  Quick win with a 6-week implementation timeline.
  • Scalability.  Foundational solution that leverages Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based solution for planning processes.
  • Intelligence.  Forward-looking and future-proof application design that prevents “painting yourself into a corner”.
  • Dependability.  Implemented by a team of Oracle Certified Professionals, all with CPA/MBA backgrounds and an understanding of planning and forecasting best practices, to ensure a properly-configured application.
  • Control.  Results in 100 percent application ownership by the finance group that manages the existing spreadsheet-based process, ensuring complete control by in-house experts who govern the process.
  • Cost.  A less risky investment toward meaningful improvements to the planning process.

Impeccable Track Record

SC&H Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner, two time recipient of Oracle Cloud Select Status, and a nationally-acclaimed CPA and consulting firm. Our team delivers best practices in deploying Oracle-Hyperion EPM and Oracle BI solutions for clients ranging from global, Fortune 500 companies to regional, emerging businesses. For over 10 years, SC&H has deployed hundreds of client solutions efficiently and effectively. Our world-class service, open communication, unparalleled work ethic and unique focus on a team-based approach ensures that all engagements are successfully completed – 100% of the time.

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