Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud (FCCS)

Close Quicker with Confidence

Does your organization need a more efficient and accurate close process?

Inefficiency in the close process can challenge you and your team and impact the outward perception of your entire organization. Through more automated and tighter controls, we help our clients consolidate and close more timely and more accurately, allowing key stakeholders to prepare more intelligently for what’s next.

  • Streamline the financial close
  • Improve the timeliness and accuracy of financial and operational data
  • Accelerate and maximize the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning system investment
  • Manage financial, operational, and strategic information more effectively and efficiently

Our Business Architechs will equip you with the systems and visibility you need with Oracle’s financial consolidation and close solutions:

  • Oracle Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud Service (FCCS): When it comes to the financial close, stakeholders and regulatory bodies require speed and accuracy. Our Business Architechs leverage the power of the Oracle Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud Service to ensure companies can deliver financial and non-financial data to all stakeholders with precision and reliability.
  • Oracle-Hyperion Financial Management: Finance teams can benefit from Hyperion’s financial consolidation and reporting application. Built on advanced Web technology, organizations no longer have to rely on cumbersome spreadsheets to consolidate financial and operating results. Meet reporting requirements with ease.
  • Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service: Meet regulatory and audit control requirements for improved completion of account reconciliations. Gain real-time visibility into accounts and ensure that all reconciliations are correctly prepared and qualified.
  • Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud: This modern tax reporting platform empowers Finance and Tax departments to integrate tax reports with finance data. Consolidated efforts decrease report generation time.
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service: Through Oracle cloud solutions, finance teams can simplify and improve collaborative efforts. Manage processes for authoring and publishing financial management packages securely from any location.