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Seven Valuation Review Tips: Making the Trustee Role a Little Less Daunting [White Paper]

How Internal Trustees Are Ensuring Accurate ESOP Valuations and Acting in the Best Interest of Plan Sponsors and Beneficiaries

Today’s ESOP plan sponsors are required to have a trustee who acts solely in the best interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries. Many companies choose to have an internal employee, such as an officer of the Company, serve in this role as trustee.

However, being an internal trustee entails significant responsibility.

As an ESOP trustee, one is responsible for determining the value of the company’s stock on behalf of ESOP plan participants, which includes reviewing, understanding, and vetting the independent appraiser’s analysis prior to determining the final share value.

These responsibilities, coupled with increased audit activity by the Department of Labor (DOL), can make for a daunting role. But don’t fret.

In the following white paper, Lindsay Baublitz, a Manager in SC&H Group, explores seven key valuation tips to make the job less scary, allowing internal trustees to effectively serve the interests of plan participants and beneficiaries.

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