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Are Your Marketing Efforts Yielding True ROI? [White Paper]

Marketing Contract Compliance & ROI

CMOs know that enhancing brand awareness and lead generation to grow their businesses requires complex integration of services. Media buying, creative content development, advertising, and web design all require specialized services generally provided by third party agencies through contracts.

These specialized services usually include a hefty price tag. Do you know if you are getting what you’re paying for? What are the best practice guides to consider in this area? Is the outside agency billing your marketing department accurately according to contractual agreements? Is there a way to check on your ROI without alienating both your marketing department and the outside agency?

A regularly scheduled, independent agency contract audit to determine compliance with the terms of the agreements, can uncover unused or unspent funds. For example, agency expenses billed, advertising production charges, and fees and commissions may be overlooked in common agency self-reporting practices.

Read how a proactive best practice validates compliance and enhances ROI.