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“Doing More With Less – A Tipping Point for Transit Officials” [White Paper]

Driving Efficiency in an Age of Lagging Budgets and Increased Ridership

Across the nation, nearly every transit funding stream has dwindled. At the same time, the cost of building and maintaining an aging transportation infrastructure has risen sharply.

In response to these challenges, many agencies have increased fares, cut service, and delayed preventive maintenance and capital improvements – even when ridership is at its highest level in nearly 60 years.

However, for many agencies, the cuts and increases simply aren’t enough. As a transit official, how can you do more with less?

Many industry officials are adopting operational best practices as a solution to cut costs and improve services. This SC&H Group white paper explores how an unbiased, top-down analysis of your agency can identify opportunities to reduce costs, risk, and waste.

Learn more about the value of identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies in order to deliver the same level of service on-time and within budget. Get this white paper now.