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Finding the Right Prescription for Pharmaceutical Growth [White Paper]

How Forward-Thinking Procurement Professionals Are Maximizing the Return on Mergers and Acquisitions

Many of today’s pharmaceutical executives are exploring mergers and acquisitions as a way to boost revenue and growth. In fact, most companies within the U.S. market have recently made an acquisition or plan to in the next year, according to a recent CPhI report.

However, while these activities can be highly beneficial, they can also prompt the need for organizational restructuring, personnel change, and complex transfers of third-party contracts, which can decrease supplier transparency and increase risk.

In this white paper, we explore the pharmaceutical industry’s M&A trend, as well as how procurement professionals are helping executives to maximize the value of their acquisitions.

Specifically, they are guiding executives to conduct independent contract compliance audits at four key times—allowing executives to improve supplier trust, enhance internal controls, and meet organizational objectives.

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