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The Benefits of Benchmarking a Not-for-Profit Organization’s Financial Results [White Paper]

A Well Prepared Benchmarking Report Can Provide Keen Insights into a Not-for-Profit’s Financial Performance and Stability

In the not-for-profit (NFP) world, a well prepared financial benchmarking report, which includes multiple years of financial information, is often more insightful for members of the organization’s board or management than the organization’s financial statements.

Insights that can be gained through benchmarking include:

  • Opportunities for improvement thereby challenging complacency with current or historical performance
  • Positive trends reinforcing behaviors that have led to such trends
  • Negative trends requiring root cause analysis and corrective actions
  • A basis for establishing achievable goals

This white paper reviews the key financial ratios NFP’s should monitor, and how these ratios can provide better visibility into an organization’s financial performance for more informed decision-making.

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