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Webinar Recap: The Private Sector, Not Public Policy, Holds the Key to Better Healthcare

How is the private sector reinventing itself to provide better care at lower costs? And what does it mean for providers, payers, and funders?

SC&H Capital’s Christopher Helmrath recently led a webinar hosted by the Central Penn Business Journal covering the healthcare landscape and what it means for the private healthcare sector.

The whirlwind debate around the Affordable Care Act and any potential legislation to “improve” the US healthcare industry is failing to provide the rapid change needed. While legislative debate stalls on the issue, the private sector is taking the initiative to make improvements in both increasing quality and lowering costs in the healthcare industry. As a result, the current state of the industry is in flux – costs continue to increase, payers and providers are not aligned, patients are seeking better avenues of engagement, and uncertainty surrounds the future of the regulations imposed by legislation. The private sector is attempting to push the industry forward by encouraging healthcare groups to work together, customizing care solutions, enhancing patient engagement, and increasing private capital investments.

We are experiencing a period of exceptional opportunity and invite you to listen to our on demand webinar deciphering the current and future state of Healthcare as seen through the strategic planning scope.

Additionally, SC&H Capital developed a report “Healthcare Transformed,” which takes a deeper dive into the healthcare space today. Click here to download the report.

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