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Personal Property Tax Compliance, Part 2 of 2 [Webinar]

SC&H Group invites you to view a free webinar replay on Personal Property Tax Compliance Best Practices. This webinar builds on part one of the series and takes a strategic view of the compliance function as a whole. After viewing this webinar replay, participants will receive insights and perspectives on:

  • Building and maintaining a well-trained personal property tax team.
  • In-house, outsourced, and hybrid variations of the personal property tax compliance function, and respective risks and benefits.
  • Compliance software selection, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Management reporting
  • Internal controls

Whether or not you viewed the first webinar in this series, this session will provide valuable strategic planning tools to better leverage internal and external resources in handling the personal property tax compliance process and minimize managers’ time allowing them to focus on analysis and value add functions.

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