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Seven Key Pillars to Enhancing CRM Success [Webinar]

You invested time and money in your CRM program. But how can you maximize the value?

Are you leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) effectively in your organization?

More often than not, CRM initiatives lead to disappointing results for organizations. Why is this the case? CRM is not just simply installing a piece of software. It is similar to new product development and requires analysis, design, development, implementation, integration, and data migration.

SC&H Group invites you to download a free on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can achieve CRM success by measuring and tracking your progress across seven key pillars. Our CRM Capabilities Maturity Model provides a strategic and continuous improvement approach for CRM planning. We also help promote success with your CRM program by introducing other elements beyond technical components.

The CRM Capabilities Model is based on five levels of maturity:

  1. Dispersed
  2. Shared
  3. Enabling CRM
  4. Embracing CRM
  5. Driving CRM

The best way your organization can reach the top level of maturity is by establishing goals, measuring capabilities, and planning for success. This can be done evaluating seven key success factors, or the seven pillars of CRM success, which include:

  1. Culture
  2. Information Ubiquity
  3. User Adoption
  4. Automation
  5. Data Quality
  6. Mobility
  7. Reporting & Analytics

These pillars form a basis for continuous improvement, revealing areas for enhancements and unveiling deficiencies.

Listen to our webinar today. Learn how to continuously improve your CRM program by measuring your CRM capabilities across the seven key pillars, understanding where you have opportunities for improvement, and developing a strategy to reach your goals for CRM.

Or, want to uncover personalized, valuable insights into the state of your organization’s CRM capabilities across all seven pillars?

Take our performance and capabilities assessment – it consists of 24 questions, and takes 15 minutes to complete. You will receive a personalized report immediately after completion, filled with actionable guidance regarding each pillar, and overall CRM success. The assessment provides objective, concrete measurements that align with your organization’s specific goals.

Discover which pillars need attention, where to focus, and how to better understand the interdependency between the pillars. Simply reading the questions will get you thinking critically about how to get the most out of your CRM system. Get started today.

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