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Software Selection and Implementation: Facilitating Ideal Results

Software solutions have become exceedingly complex. With new products and services rapidly entering the market, few companies have the capacity to effectively analyze, identify, and implement the best solutions for their business.

The following video interview with SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory leadership team provides perspective on why a qualified, unbiased advisor can be one of your organization’s most important assets when developing and deploying an effective software selection and implementation strategy.


    Video Transcription

    Q: Why engage a third-party to help with software selection and implementation?

    We can be that part-time resource that has done software selections and implementations to make sure an organization has the right resources on the project.

    We first work to understand the business, but then really understand the processes that you’re trying to use a system for, and once we fully understand all of this, we then ask the question, “What’s the ideal process? How would this work perfectly?”

    It begins with the business goals and strategy. You work down from that in terms of: Who is using the software? How will they use it? What do they want to see from the software? What are you ultimately trying to have the software do? These are all questions that need to be answered.

    We’ve found that making sure we have all of this information well-defined up front really ensures the best outcomes in the long run.

    So often when we’re having a conversation with our clients, it’s, “Where are you? What is your growth strategy? Where do you see growth happening over the next three or four years, and then where does the system fit in that path?”

    A large portion of what we do during software selection and implementation is to make sure the right change management program is in place, so that the organization adopts the new software.

    The biggest way we can help is by establishing a trusted relationship with the client. Nothing feels better than to be able to pick up the phone and call the one person or the one organization that you know has your best interests at heart.

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