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SC&H Group Believes in Giving Back [Video]

SC&H Group is passionate about giving back to the communities we serve. The following video highlights SC&H Group’s community work with Junior Achievement programs.

Volunteering for Junior Achievement (JA) programs is one of many ways SC&H Group is able to give back to the community where the people come first. Our firm supports many of the JA programs through funding and volunteer support.

One example is the JA BizTown Program – a program geared towards helping young students get a better sense of real-life economic, workplace, and personal finance challenges. The immersive experience in a simulated JA BizTown offers children a stepping stone into real-world adult work experiences, and a sneak peek into future career options.

Another example is the JA Company Program where high school students work to develop and test their entrepreneurial skills. The program brings entrepreneurship to life as the students work together to fill a community need by launching a new business venture. Each week, volunteers teach a specific module – such as vetting a business idea, developing a marketing strategy, defining of roles and responsibilities, writing a business plan, capitalizing a venture, and managing business finances. With the opportunity for independence and creativity, entrepreneur protégés grasp business concepts and are able to apply these strategies to create and foster a makeshift business.

Our volunteer work with JA is part of the fun community service projects we enjoy at SC&H Group.

Want more information about SC&H Group and what it has to offer? In a recent press release, SC&H Group employees participated in their 10th Annual Day of Service as another opportunity to give back to the community. Click here to read the press release.

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