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Cybersecurity: Quantifying Vulnerabilities, Qualifying Readiness

Many companies grasp that cybersecurity attacks have become routine across nearly every company size, type, location, and industry, but are limited in their resources and knowledge to address risk vigorously.

The following SC&H Group Technology Advisory leadership team video explores how to pinpoint areas of vulnerability, and implement a comprehensive plan to protect your assets.


    Video Transcription

    Q: Why is it a matter of thinking “when”, not “if” with cyber?

    Today, a lot of organizations are in a position where they’re looking at, “what do we spend on cybersecurity? What do we do around cybersecurity?” And the reality is, for most organizations, it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.

    Cybersecurity is this presence out there that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. And it’s dynamic, it changes daily. And as a result, you see organizations of all sizes get compromised.

    Q: How can a business quantify their cyber threats?

    Let’s look at a few industry-specific examples. For instance, non-profits…what would the number of constituent records they have in their database represent if a hacker had access to that data? Or for a law firm − what reputational loss would occur if their document management system was compromised?

    These are all areas that we examine related to the immediate productivity impact of a cyber attack, and what those long-term consequences are from a reputational and risk standpoint.

    Q: What are best practices that companies can implement now to combat cyber threats?

    First and foremost, organizations really need to understand what does their external face look like − where do you have vulnerability in relation to what an external attacker is going to see? And then, do you have a resolution for reducing those vulnerabilities?

    One of the many ways we help is to come in and look at your organization, and perform a readiness assessment.

    We can provide a level of education and maturity to the entire security landscape for a company and act as that advisor to them to say, “This is how we’re going to approach improving our cybersecurity position across the organization.” It’s people, it’s your processes, and it’s your technology.

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