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Promoting Wellness and Wellbeing at SC&H Group [Video]

SC&H Group understands the importance of investing in our most important assets…our people. The following video highlights how we emphasize a harmony between work-life balance and wellbeing with Workplace Wellness programs – where people come first.

SC&H Group appreciates the value of maintaining a healthy workforce. With a constant focus to recruit and retain top talent, our company is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes work-life balance through Workplace Wellness programs.

By offering perks such as gym memberships, team building events, breakfasts, healthy snacks, and FitBit challenges, we cultivate an environment that encourages healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, employees are given the opportunity to receive wellness incentives, participate in online seminars on health and wellness, travel to firm sponsored destinations, and many other complementary programs that support our commitment to the happiness and health of our people.

In the end, small changes and healthy pursuits help our people gain an advantage in both their work, and personal lives.

Want more information about SC&H Group and what it has to offer? Listen to some of our people discuss how they achieve balance, and maintain wellness. Click here to watch the video.

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