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What Is Your Organization Capable of Achieving with the Right Technology?

Technology will do whatever you want it to do – but, as a business leader, the true question is: what is your organization capable of doing with the right technology?

The following video Q&A with SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory leadership team highlights why technology is an essential component to meet every financial, operational, and competitive goal. The team also discusses how we help executives adapt to new technologies and implement strategic plans that enable progress, generate value, and support growth.

Video Transcription

Q: Why is technology an essential component in meeting nearly every company goal?

One thing that we tell our clients and our prospective clients is that technology will do whatever you want it to do.

The question becomes: what is your organization capable of doing? Do you have the right people? Do you have the right processes? Do you have the right culture to embrace technology and to see it as a differentiator?

IT needs to be part of every conversation because technology plays a part in every facet of an organization’s operation. We want to be your first phone call. We can bring a current, fresh perspective to the organization.

Q: Why is SC&H Group offering Technology Advisory Services?

We hired Jeff Bathurst a few years ago, and we needed a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who could help us with our technology footprint and our strategic vision for the future as it related to technology. We’re now taking those talented people and putting them in the field to really map out a strategic IT vision for clients.

SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory practice was founded to help businesses navigate through their technical challenges and make technical decisions that really have an impact on their business. We really want to help the C-suite navigate their technology roadmap, and work with them to understand their objectives.

We want clients to confident that they’re getting vendor-independent, unbiased advice from a real advisor that has their best interest in mind at the end of the day.

Q: How does SC&H Group help clients?

We help clients understand what the IT function needs to be to elevate the company, and to drive the company forward. We’re very focused on helping our clients look at what they’re doing with technology in the context of and in relation to the goals of the business.

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