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Finding Opportunities for Professional Growth at SC&H Group [Video]

When embarking on a career path or considering a career change, having access to growth opportunities is essential. However, finding a company that not only provides them, but one that also ensures they are fulfilled — can be challenging. That’s why many ambitious professionals choose SC&H Group. Our firm is uniquely dedicated to our employees. We offer a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional achievement. Hear from some of our colleagues, and find out how SC&H Group is unique.

People come first at SC&H Group. Opportunities for professional and personal growth are everywhere, and our employees begin experiencing these opportunities right away.

At SC&H Group, you work with your colleagues and leadership teams to develop goals that can be carried throughout your career. Our employees have first-hand access to senior leadership, remain current with vital industry developments and practices, and are empowered to contribute and collaborate on key initiatives. As a progressive firm, we remain open to new ideas, and consider your contribution a way for us to consistently keep the future in mind.

We also provide technical and professional training through SC&H University. This program offers employees the opportunity to enhance leadership skills, to develop soft skills, and to continue to gain knowledge towards professional growth within the company.

But, most importantly, our employees are exposed to and mentored through opportunities that will challenge. You will work with clients across the country and worldwide, including leading companies from emerging businesses to the Fortune 500. This is part of a key commitment towards maintaining our reputation of exceptional, client-centered service— earning us a net promoter client satisfaction score of 84.4%, compared to an industry standard of 31%.

From initial introductions at accounting career fairs, to senior level leadership, our employees stay with us for many years—a tribute to our exceptional dedication in serving both our employees and our clients.

To learn more about our unique culture where people come first, and how SC&H Group can provide you with opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals, click here.