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Nonprofits: What MacGyver and Volunteerism Have in Common [Video]

In the following video, Christopher Helmrath, Managing Director of SC&H Capital, provides the keynote address at the recent Sixth Annual Nonprofit Institute Conference, hosted by College of Southern Maryland, which offers new ways of thinking that lead to organizational transformation.

Have you ever attended a party that seemed perfectly catered to you, where the food, music, and company were all exactly what you wanted? It’s as if the host customized the party just to meet your specific requests and desires.

Now, think about volunteerism within your nonprofit. Volunteers bring time, talent, and treasure to an organization. But, do you know enough about the volunteers you have – and the volunteers you are seeking – to throw a party they want to continually attend?

You have an opportunity to throw a party – metaphorically speaking – tailored to the likes, dislikes, wants, and needs of the volunteers you are trying to attract and retain. If you want an individual or a business to be forever loyal, you must know what motivates them to give time and carry out your mission.

Many nonprofits believe they cannot achieve goals due to a lack of resources. However, with the right creative thinking that breaks down obstacles, it is possible to achieve true organizational transformation and achieve your mission.

Sometimes, it means taking a page from MacGyver, the hit TV show from the 1980s, where the lead character could solve any challenge with nothing more than a bent paperclip.

Turn what appears to be an impossible situation into an innovative solution. As you think about increasing volunteerism to realize your strategic goals – consider the following three questions:

  • Are you thinking about the resources you actually have?
  • Are your people properly aligned?
  • Are you attracting the right volunteers?

Your organization can enjoy success by truly understanding the likes, dislikes, wants, and needs of the guests – or in this case, volunteers – on your invite list. If you throw a party where the interests of all involved are aligned, then it is possible for your nonprofit to flourish in ways never imagined.

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