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Outsourced CIO Services: Partnering to Drive Your Organization Forward

We understand the impact technology can have on your future, and fully capitalizing on the power of today’s technology solutions often requires executive-level guidance and expertise. The following video from our Technology Advisory leadership team discusses how we partner with organizations as a trusted extension of an existing team to enable progress and support growth.

    Video Transcription

    Q: How can SC&H Group help organizations through outsourced CIO services?

    Often, when we go in as an outsourced CIO, we’re going through a planning process, a vendor selection process, an architecture process, and then driving into implementation.

    We’ve found that the outsourced CIO model can work really well for growing businesses so we can help make technology decisions and provide guidance in a way that gets to desired outcomes as quickly as possible, allowing organizations to continue focusing on the next business opportunity that comes along.

    In many cases, we can bring a current, fresh perspective to the organization, and say, “this is what’s going on in your industry. This is what’s going on in technology. And here’s what we have seen other companies do that are like you, and how they’ve used it.”
    SC&H Group’s outsourced CIO services allow leaders to take advantage of the tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, and understanding of what’s going on in the technology space, while not necessarily bringing on an additional executive into the C-Suite that may be quite expensive and may only be needed for a portion of the time.

    We have made a point to hire some extremely talented professionals who have been CIOs in the business world. They are sophisticated individuals who can provide real-world, real-time advice in meaningful ways.

    This allows you have a voice at the table to address questions such as “how has technology affected the business?” and “how can we use technology to be a differentiator for what we’re doing?” as well as “how do we stay ahead of our competitors?”

    Our perspective isn’t that we’re trying to reduce or eliminate the IT function. Our goal is to say, “What does the IT function need to be to elevate the company, to drive the company forward?”

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